I Am A Road Kill Possum

In my time of dying

This sunset of life

I look up at the sky

My breaths shallow

From collapsing lungs

Shattered ribs

I watch the vultures that circle above me

Flying a disciplined pattern

Waiting and soaring

Waiting and soaring

Waiting to consume my flesh…

My blood soaks into the ground

My back legs dangle… useless

One front leg moves, barely

A small victory

In these final moments, as I gasp for air,

My mortality cemented in the annals of time, I wonder- did my life matter?

Did I matter or am I just another dead marsupial splattered on the highways of mankind?

I am among the least of God’s creations

But I am kindhearted

And keep to myself

I eat bloodsucking ticks

And resist rabies

I provide valuable services

With no thanks required

Yet I know my role in the world

No one cares

Fading in and out of consciousness

Breathing increasingly difficult

The vultures come closer

I never saw the machine that hit me

The human operating it didn’t bother to stop.

Why should he?

For I am a road kill possum

A grizzly reminder to the world

That life is nothing but a blip in time

Here today, gone tomorrow

An imprint of my carcass

The only monument

But look now

The vultures have arrived

Oh, Death.

Why bother with me?

Their beaks, sharp as a cutting stone

Rip into my flesh

I am helpless to resist

And now I’ve done my part

In the circle of life

I am immortal

Confessions Of A Former Literary Assassin

A few years ago I thought I was smarter, more clever and just generally a higher level human being than most everyone else. I was writing for an obscure literary website that specialized in destructive criticism of writers who wanted their pieces critiqued. It was a bloodbath, to be honest. Giving a smartass like me a platform to criticize some unsuspecting writer’s work was a perverse pleasure and I held nothing back as I set about the task of showing an aspiring writer how ridiculous, silly, immature and dumb their writing was. 

This site operated the same way as a vampire coven—invite your victim into the site, befriend them, ask them to share something they’ve written, offer constructive criticism and then, after trust was gained, rip their work to shreds and gleefully explain to them that it was for their own good. 

The website was born from an old AOL chat room for writers. The woman who started the platform was notorious for upsetting people, especially poets, in the chat room. She was finally kicked off but started her own site. If you had her respect you were safe from her literary onslaughts, but if you were arrogant and thought you were a good writer or poet she would unleash hell on you. Hell being her team of pitbulls (me) and a few others. 

As I got older and went through many trials and tribulations, failures and other maladies, my heart changed. I no longer took pleasure in criticizing anyone’s writing efforts. God knows how difficult it is to plot out a story and put it on paper, or write a poem. It requires so much time and effort. I think I became a literary assassin in order to make myself feel better about how much my life sucked at the time. It was just too easy, to be honest. And it felt good for a time. 

That site doesn’t exist anymore and I have no idea what happened to all the people who used to write for it. That’s probably a good thing. I have written and published four books since that time and I have discovered something that I was unable to see ten years ago. I discovered that I’m not as smart as I thought I was. I am not as good a writer as I thought I was, and I really don’t know much of anything. I had so many people heaping praise upon me that I started believing the hype. 

I had a lot of ideas and knowledge but I lacked clarity, self awareness and wisdom. Nobody cares how smart you think you are or how good a writer you think you are. Truthfully, a few years down the road you’ll probably be disgusted at the way you used to think and the things you used to write. 

Also, be kind to each other. It doesn’t cost anything but can end up costing you everything if you’re mean and hateful. Trust me.

The American Christian Church Has Failed

hip Jesus

Let me state from the outset that I’m sure your church isn’t one of the churches I’m going to talk about. Every time I get on this soapbox and start railing against the church someone will dutifully inform me that they know what I’m talking about but in their church, it is different. So, with that being stated and acknowledged let me get to my point.

The American Christian church has failed. We aren’t fulfilling the Great Commission that Jesus gave us. Instead of preaching the Gospel we “love on” people, coddle them, make them fell welcome, get them to fill out that visitor card, give them a gift and after they’ve proven they were saved by grace we get them a membership so we can “grow the church.”

ministry hipster

That in itself isn’t a problem, or is it? This could be argued as doing the Lord’s work but it could also be stated, with evidence, that the American church is a business competing with other churches for the most members and just like American businesses gobble up the smaller businesses, so does the church. These days, in order to compete, a church must change its name to sound less threatening. (Yes, Evangelicals, I’m talking about you). It’s not just the name change either. Nope, it goes deeper. It seems we all need to be entertained at church. Gone are the days where the choir and congregation sing hymns from the hymnal in reverence. What we have these days are dazzling light shows and songs that don’t flow. Actually they’re more like chants than words. It’s not that the music isn’t good. The singers and musicians are top notch but it’s the fact they are putting on concerts instead of putting their congregations in a worshipful mood. And seriously, people, casual dress is appropriate at times but this is getting ridiculous. I went to an Easter “production” last week at a Pentecostal Holiness church that has changed it’s name to an acronym and I was appalled at how lax everyone has become. My mother would have never let me dress in shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops for a church service even if it was for a rehearsal but not only were the kids dressed this way, so were their parents. There is no reverence anymore. We’re just grooving through life, being hipsters for Jesus. Even the ministers have gotten in on this casual act and they dress like metrosexuals going to a Miley Cyrus concert. Are you in such desperate need for new members that you think you have to relate to the unbeliever? Is that what’s going on?

Or maybe this is some sort of cultural rebellion. The way I was raised was strict by today’s standards. My parents made sure I was dressed appropriately for church, as were most other kids my age. We didn’t bring coffee into the sanctuary and there wasn’t this rock band atmosphere. The preacher wasn’t afraid to step on your toes either. The preachers of yesterday called sin by its name and if you were offended then you weren’t living right. You needed to repent and get yourself together so Jesus wouldn’t be ashamed of you. We can’t do that anymore, can we? We change the names of our churches to stuff like Elevation, Fire, Etc. We’ve made these churches our little hip clubs and we’re so accepting of the world that we entertain the most ridiculous things, such as Vaping For Jesus. I kid you not. I know of a church that has an active vaping ministry. They all get around each other, blow giant clouds of raspberry scented smoke bombs and talk about Jesus.

I remember a verse—Come out and be ye separate.

rock band

We’re not separate anymore, are we? Well, we are as it relates to how great our church is versus the one down the street. The one down the street split from yours over some doctrinal difference, or some ego issue. I think a lot of you so called ministers call yourself into ministry instead of thinking God called you. If God called you to ministry then you wouldn’t be turning His church into hipster coffee dens and compromising the Gospel of Jesus so as not to offend potential members.

You don’t see other religions compromising for the benefit of what others think. I live in an area where there are Jewish temples, Islamic centers, Hindu temples and others. I don’t see the Roman Catholics doing that either and they have some serious issues facing them. I never see those people compromising their values in order to reach out to humanity. In some ways, these other religions are more Christ like than your typical Baptist church. These people have great faith; they’re just missing out on Jesus. I think a lot of Christians are also missing out on Jesus. You’re serving yourself instead of God.

groovy preacher

Jesus, Jennifer And Bob Ross- The Year In Review

For the first time in many years I can honestly say that this has been a great year for me. 2017 will go down in my history as being the year that everything changed for the better. I went through seven years of hellish stuff to arrive at this point and I feel great emotionally and spiritually.

As I look back I can clearly see how I got here. Well, to be honest, I was dragged here. Being a father myself I understand how Jesus feels about us. There are times I shake my head and shrug my shoulders at the stupid things my kids do. But then they do something amazing and I’m the proudest father ever. I wouldn’t hurt either of them for anything but I will let them fail sometimes in order to help them grow. It has been proven in my life that Jesus loves us so much that he allows us to do stupid things sometimes in order to learn from our mistakes and make the necessary corrections. This is where I am right now. Jesus allowed me to go through some really terrible things over the last seven years just so I could end up exactly where I needed to be in 2017.

Getting away from the Charlotte to Greensboro region, or as I like to call it, “The I-85 Corridor Of Doom,” was what I needed to help me evolve as a person. You should never hold yourself back just because you’re used to your home turf. Sometimes the very thing you need in life is just outside your comfort zone. What I needed in my life was Jennifer, even though I didn’t realize it for a long time. But when I did it was like God suddenly downloaded to my brain a prosperous plan for the rest of my life. Thankfully, I listened. We’ve been married almost a year now and I can truthfully say that it is great being married to a person who is your equal in every way, who doesn’t have a hidden agenda, a mental illness, a personality disorder or anything crazy going on inside her head. We fit together perfectly and we have the same dreams and goals. We love each other fiercely and are loyal to our bond the same as Jesus is to His people. This partnership we have is built on trust, loyalty, mutual respect and love. It’s not that sappy type of new love that fades as quickly as the winter sun. It’s so much deeper than that and I know what I’m talking about because I have been in countless shallow relationships over the years. Always listen to your mind over your heart. If you do this you will have fewer troubles in life.

The same week Jennifer and I got married I got the best job I’ve had in years with a company owned by amazing people. These things happened so fast that I was hardly able to put it all into perspective. That came later in the year when life started to settle down a little bit and I was able to look back and ponder these things.

That leads us to Bob Ross.

Bob Ross was an American painter who was too good a person for this world. So he ascended into Heaven to paint landscapes with a two-inch brush while hanging out with Jesus, the angels and other amazing people like Martin Luther, Tom Petty, George Jones and Johnny Cash. His soft, soothing voice, and his reassuring tone while he painted magical landscapes calmed my spirit on those days when I felt frustrated. When I watch a Bob Ross video I can drown out every negative vibration that tries to invade my soul. During the blazing hot days of summer I would come home, exhausted by the unrelenting sun, take a shower, plop down on the sofa beside Jennifer and watch Bob Ross create a masterpiece in thirty minutes, all while making it look easy. This is just about all I need in life. Give me my wife, my kids, my sanity and some Bob Ross videos and I’m as pleasant to be around as anyone you’ll meet.

As much as a great year this has been for me, I’m positive 2018 will be even better. We are on the path to financial freedom, there will be no more debt in our lives, and because of that we’ll be able to do more instead of being a slave to credit companies, finance companies and banks. Hopefully I’ll feel like writing again. I have so many books I haven’t finished yet. I just haven’t felt like it, to be honest. I think it’s because I’m working on the same MacBook Pro I’ve had since 2010. There’s a lot of negative energy associated with the past and maybe I need a new laptop to flush out the past and get the creative flow that I used to have going again.

The way I see it, everything happens it its due time. The universe is a giant clock and its timing is perfect. Maybe I’ll start writing again and start painting at the same time. The one thing I won’t do is hold grudges, anger or hate towards anyone. I have learned that the more loving, kind and forgiving you are, the healthier and happier you will be.

Happy New Year, everyone.

How The Grinch Saved Christmas

The story is wrong. We have all been misled. Dr. Seuss would have us believe that the Grinch was so full of hate and anger that he decided to steal all the presents, decorations, ornaments and even the roast beast from the peaceful Hoos in order to stop Christmas from coming.

But let’s look at this through a different point of view and see what we find, ok?

I submit to you that the Grinch was not full of hate but instead was full of righteous indignation. The Hoos were self absorbed, greedy, selfish consumers who had to have the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos from huge shopping malls and big box stores. They were so full of greed that they used other holidays as the gateway to plunder stores for useless junk, fighting each other for high definition televisions, smart phones, computers and other stuff that they didn’t need. They used their credit cards to pay for everything and didn’t give a second thought to how this might hurt them down the road when they lose their jobs or some calamity befalls them. No, they just kept on consuming and living with greed, making fun of the introverted Grinch, who they didn’t like because he was different.

And why was he different? Because of how he looked? No. They didn’t like him because he reminded them that their greed and lust for useless stuff was unnatural. The Grinch was a minimalist and lived at or below his means. The Hoos hated him because he didn’t live in a huge Hoo house with a big mortgage, didn’t have two car payments, credit cards and closets full of clothes, suits and shoes. The Grinch lived modestly with a little dog and preferred to be by himself.

It stands to reason that being an outcast with a moral code might lead someone to teach the majority a lesson. And so, the Grinch, with moral justification, took all the stuff the Hoos held up as status symbols. This wasn’t because his heart was too small. It was because he knew corruption leads to even more corruption and progresses until there is nothing left but a society of self centered, overly sensitive, entitlement minded assholes.

His plan worked like a charm. The Hoos woke up on Christmas morning to no presents, no high definition televisions, no tablets, Xboxes, Play Stations, expensive jerseys from their favorite football teams, pretty panties and all the other junk they didn’t think they could live without. The book tells us that didn’t matter, that the Hoos were happy anyway and sang songs of joy and peace as the Grinch was attempting to dump all their crap over a cliff.

The book lied, as did the movie. What really happened was that they were in such a state of shock that they were forced to face their sins. They wailed and moaned for hours until they realized the true meaning of Christmas wasn’t about giving and getting a bunch of stuff. The stern but morally superior Grinch shamed them to repentance. Only then did he ride back into town and return all their stuff. I personally think he should have dumped it all but his heart was too full of love for these miserable Hoos and he made a lapse in judgment. But that’s just my opinion.

After this the Hoos went out in the community and fed the homeless, gave to the poor and forgave each other of different political beliefs. They lived in peace until the next Thanksgiving when the greed set back in and Facebook debates caused division and hate again.

We should be thankful for the grinches in our lives. Though they talk tough they are usually the moral compass when we lose sight of what is really important- taking care of each other without expecting anything in return. It’s what Jesus would do.


Living Life- Avoiding Debt, Part Two

Student loan debt in the United States is more than a trillion dollars. Some of it belongs to parents and some of it belongs to students. Regardless, it’s an epidemic that has surpassed credit card debt. That is astonishing. As much as Americans love their credit cards, student loan debt is bigger than that. Student loan debt sticks with you forever. You can’t bankrupt it. Yet, these young adults put themselves in bondage every year because they believe the lies told to them by the government, banks and lenders. Student loans are a huge scam but you’ve been led to believe you have to have them because college is so expensive. And you need to have that degree, right?

Wrong. Well, mostly wrong. College tuition grows every year. Do you know why? It’s directly due to the easy-to-get student loan. These schools are operating a scam. They know these government backed loans are guaranteed so they continue to raise their tuition rates because of the unlimited amount of money the government will allow kids to borrow.

These high school kids are being lied to. They are also being led down the road to debt slavery. They are being led to believe that having a degree from any given institution of higher learning will lead to a good paying job that will have those loans paid in no time. This is a lie, a big, fat one. I’ve known countless college graduates with no jobs or low paying jobs. I even know people with advanced degrees who are dead broke, suffering under debt of all kinds, not just student loans. The world we live in has conditioned us to thinking debt is normal but it is the leading cause of the stresses we face daily.

If you’re a kid who wants to go to college, do things the smart way. Go to a community college or trade school. They are cheap and well worth the effort. You can get a good education and learn how to do something worthwhile that will make you good money in less time than it takes to go to a big time four year university that sells useless degrees for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I’ve never known a broke plumber or electrician but I’ve known lots of broke English and philosophy majors. They might be “educated” but they’re still stupid for falling for the scam of “higher education.”

The problem is that these kids dream of the “college experience.” They are willing to be in perpetual debt prison for the experience of attending a university. There are football games, basketball, keg parties, getting hammered, lots of cheap sex and all the rest of it. This is meaningless. A few years out of school no one you meet will care about what school you went to. Is being a slave worth the memories of the college years? I doubt it.

Don’t be a slave. Free your mind and free yourself.



I don’t care what you think or what you’ve been taught—debt is evil. There is never a good time to go into debt. When you go into debt you become a slave, whether it’s a small credit card, car loan or mortgage. Debt is why so many Americans are tired, pissed off, and “just over it.” It doesn’t have to be this way. There is no law that mandates you get a credit card, finance a car or put yourself in financial bondage for fifteen or thirty years to “buy” a house.

Unless you inherit a lot of money, you’re broke. When you’re broke you do stupid things like thinking you can leverage your way out of debt by using credit. This always fails. There isn’t a single millionaire that I’m aware of who made their fortune by leveraging their income by utilizing credit. It just doesn’t happen because millionaires have discovered what the rest of us haven’t; you become wealthy by making your money work for you, not the other way around.

I learned this the hard way. Prior to 2010 I was your typical American consumer. I had two car loans; a mortgage, a second mortgage, a few credit cards and a slew of other debt that made a 200K combined salary meaningless. A series of events separated me from all of that and I spent the next six years learning how to survive off of tips, tents, beater cars and the kindness of strangers.

sleazy car dude

Seriously, I was that guy. I learned quickly that the system we live under is scamming us. I also learned that having credit of any kind is a bad thing. Here it is seven years since my life changed and I haven’t used, needed or wanted a credit card. I did have a car loan for a short time but then I lost a job and three months later I gave the car back to the finance company because I was broke. This is what enlightened me to the fact that financing a car is the dumbest mistake you could ever make as it relates to money. Have you ever considered that the reason cars are so expensive is because it’s so easy to finance one? Most of you don’t even consider the overall cost of a vehicle when you go to buy one. Most car salespersons ask you how much do you want your monthly payment to be. This is a trick to make you look at the here and now and not the overall cost of the vehicle. When you look at a conventional seventy-two month loan you end up noticing that you pay for that car double and sometimes triple what you should have.

This is a scam but you just shrug your shoulders as if that’s just the way it is. No, it isn’t. The way it should be is that you live your life in such a way that you can pay for whatever you need with cash. It takes vision and discipline to do this but it can be done. It can be done with just your income if you live smart. But that’s the problem; hardly any of us live smart. That’s okay, I used to be an idiot too so I’m not judging, just trying to help.

But back to the point—you should never finance a depreciating asset, such as a car, RV or boat. It’s just dumb to do that. And leasing is an even dumber idea because you are renting a product that you have to spend money maintaining. It’s the illusion of ownership with the reality of a scam. There is also the fact that nobody cares about your new car. When you sit at a traffic light I promise you that no one around you looks upon you with admiration because of the vehicle you’re driving.

car guy

If you want to build wealth for the long term and be able to afford to buy whatever you want, avoid financing at all costs. A few years ago I bought an old car for $500 and a handgun. It was ugly but it served its purpose. When I was able to get a better car I sold that car to someone who truly needed it for $200. She was happy and it brought me joy knowing I had done something for someone who had been in the same situation I had been in. Sometimes just getting a break in life means everything. I’ll do the same with my current car when the time comes to get rid of it.

I am someone who did everything the wrong way for the first forty years of my life and I had nothing to show for it. All I had was debt, knowledge and wisdom. Now, however, I’ve discovered the secret to financial success, which is really, really simple. It begins with the desire to be free from the creditors and taking control of your own life. It is a behavioral modification that, once you make that decision, you will see the results in every aspect of your life.

And you will be free.

Artificial Intelligence- The Dastardly Plot By The Globalist Elite To Kill Us All


In 1986 I was a junior in high school. I took a class called Data Processing. This was an introduction to computers and computer programming. These were the days prior to Windows, Apps, the internet and all that jazz. Part of the class consisted of researching computer and technology, writing a report and giving an oral presentation to the class. I hated oral presentations. I hated them because I was an introverted, shy kid and was only one of two males in the class. The rest of the class consisted of really pretty popular girls and cheerleaders. Every time I had to give a presentation I was asked ridiculous questions by these girls with the hopes of making me red faced, tongue tied and awkward. One of them made a big show of putting on lipstick in a seductive way while I was speaking.

I really hated that class. The reason I bring it up is because I remembered today that one of my oral presentations consisted of what the future of artificial intelligence had in store for us. In the eighties we could only envision the sort of things we take for granted today. And with all the advancement in technology, it is safe to assume that the sky surely is the limit with what mankind can do.

All of us conspiracy theorists know that if you want to know what “THEY” have in store for us, look to the movie industry, specifically the science fiction genre. The powers that be make a game out of letting us know well in advance what the future holds, technologically speaking. And here is the ugly truth of what they have planned.

For starters, in the future, machines will control every aspect of our lives. This is supposed to make our lives better but if you saw the Will Smith movie, iRobot, you know that what they tell us is for our own good never is. Machines will replace nearly every job we humans now do. Artificial Intelligence technology is teaching robots to think for themselves, to learn at a faster rate than we do and to perform tasks quicker and more efficient than we can. There are already driverless cars and trucks so you’ll see truck drivers out of a job. You will see robots teaching your kids instead of humans. You will see robots make products, clean houses and provide a million other services that humans currently perform.

The question is this: What will we do? Okay, here’s where my conspiratorial mind takes a dark turn.

It is my opinion that the power elite have plans to eradicate as many of us as possible. If there are fewer human beings on the planet then there are fewer wars, fewer crimes, fewer food shortages, fewer everything. You get the picture, right? Eliminate human beings and the few who control the machines control the world. What if Google or Apple or Microsoft were able to develop an entire race of artificial beings who never got sick, never had to sleep, never had to eat and could just work and perform tasks all day? In Japan they have created sex robots that will put human hookers out of business. There is literally nothing that humans currently do that artificial persons won’t be able to do. Remember the Alien movies? Each of the first two movies had characters that were artificial humans and they were much more efficient in their jobs than humans, except that first one who malfunctioned and went crazy. They fixed that problem in the second movie, thank God!

Artificial humans can be programmed to be docile, friendly and to do anything their programmers want them to do. They could also be programmed to be the opposite. If you’re an ugly person, or a recluse and want a companion you can custom order an artificial human that will teach itself how best to cater to you. This would eliminate the need for real humans to interact with each other, have fights, personality conflicts, consume products, natural resources and spread diseases.

Think I’m crazy? Look how devoted you are to your iPhone. Artificial Intelligence, in the hands of evil, will leave flesh and blood humans as an obsolete design. Elon Musk has stated that within a decade the only way humans will be able to compete with AI will be to hardwire our brains with the internet, which would turn us all into a race of cyborgs.

This would actually make a good movie, Cyborgs Vs Machines. I’d watch that.

But seriously, this technology is already out there and it is being perfected. If you look at the sorry state of the world we live in now it isn’t hard to envision plagues, natural disasters and nuclear wars wiping us out. If you haven’t seen the Terminator movies, I suggest you watch them. Like I said, Hollywood sends us messages through movies, except for the superhero crap. These movies are designed to dumb us down. It’s pretty obvious it is working. Sports, entertainment and social media are the distractions they provide us with to keep our attentions away from what they are planning.

When God destroyed the tower of Babel and confused the languages of the people on the earth He said he did it because mankind had been designed to accomplish anything. That’s the good news in all this doom and gloom stuff. God will only allow this to go so far before He puts a stop to it. One can only wonder how long that will take.

The Log Cabin

log cabin

It has been two months since I unplugged and signed off of Facebook. I came back today to see if anything had changed and was not surprised to see that it had not. I’m not upset about it, however. Logging off social media has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in a long time. It has broken a cycle and has kept me from getting caught up in the constant drama of political debate, like and share religious memes and knowing everyone’s business.

And like I said in my Facebook farewell address- I love all of you but I cannot deal with your drama anymore. Go live your life and get away from this cancer.

Unplugging from the web is therapy. Lately I’ve been following a series about a man up in Canada (MySelfReliance.com) who bought some land up in the wilderness of Ontario. He is building a log cabin on it using as many natural materials as possible. Also, he’s building it completely with hand tools. I’m talking about an axe and a saw, not a chainsaw or any other power tool. I wait impatiently each week for his new video to come out because I’m anxious to see the progress he’s made and also his philosophical theories he shares. He is not a builder or a carpenter, just a man with a passion to build something and to get away from the noise of the city. He, like me, sees value in the wilderness, far away from people and their constant need to be stimulated by the entertainment and sports industry.

Something as simple as watching a man hammer a roof plank into place is soothing. You can hear the birds sing around the build site, hear the wind whip through the trees and just lose yourself in the stillness and simplicity of his work. This is living, true, honest living. There is no power or plumbing in his cabin and that’s how he wants it. We do not need all the things we’ve been led to believe we need. If the power grid suddenly shut down most of you would be dead in less than a month, mostly from starvation. Most of you don’t know how to cook anything that doesn’t involve a microwave oven.

American society is nearing the end of its life cycle. It has been on life support for a long time and is just now beginning the descent to death. Everything runs in cycles so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Just look at the housing market. In 2008 everything crashed due to greedy bankers, stupid politicians and even stupider consumers. People who had no business owning a home were given mortgages they could never pay back and the entire system crashed. The healthcare industry has beat it into our heads for years that we need to have health insurance or face a certain death. This is also a lie. Hospital administrators and doctors are making millions of dollars a year while you can barely pay your insurance premiums. Drug companies charge outrageous sums of money for drugs that are dangerous or don’t cure anything. But they make you believe they do and that you need them. It seems that every day there’s a new illness that requires you to pop some pills. Have you ever pondered why the suicide rate is so high? I think it’s directly due to these drugs they hand out to balance out your brain chemicals. This is a scam. Actually, almost everything is a scam. Reality television is scripted, sports, especially professional sports, are rigged, the lottery is a tax on poor people, credit cards are a way to keep you a slave to the system for a lifetime, car loans are stupid because you’re paying a premium for a depreciating asset, car leases are an even dumber idea because you are practically renting a depreciating asset and even mortgages, though almost unavoidable, are a bad idea. Dave Ramsey says that the borrower is slave to the lender. He’s right. When you have loans of any kind you have made yourself a slave.

It has been stated that student loans have taken over credit cards as the biggest debt facing the United States. Student loan debt surpassed a trillion dollars last year and it is growing. It is ridiculous that any institution would give a loan to a teenager to go to school without any means of it being paid back. But they do. They do it each and every year when your kids decide they have to go to this certain university. In most cases the degrees these universities are selling are worthless in the real world. You graduate a few years later and can’t get a job because your degree has no value but yet you have tens of thousands of dollars in debt to pay back. Guess what? You got scammed.

It’s okay; we’ve all been scammed. We get scammed when we pay stupid amounts of money for season tickets to watch a bunch of millionaires disrespect the country every Sunday. Yet, you keep forking over that money to watch a meaningless game, which really doesn’t do you any good in the long run. We get scammed by builders, the government, car dealers, banks and credit companies.

At some point all of this is going to come crashing down. This system of greed, hustling and conning cannot sustain itself. We are divided against ourselves in every way and it isn’t getting better. The conveniences we have today are the very things that are going to destroy us down the road.

One more thing- there is no such thing as “good debt.” This is a lie told to you by the ones who make money by lending you money. You do not need a credit score to buy a car or a house. As long as you use credit there is going to be someone who wants to give you more credit. When my wife called up the two credit companies she used to have cards with to pay off her debt, they wanted to extend her more credit. She said no, that she was done using credit and had no more use for their cards. They were flabbergasted. You see? This is what they do. They are vampires sucking the very life out of you by giving you what you want today and paying it off later. The banks do the same thing and so do the car lots. If you didn’t fall for their traps and lies you would have cash in your pocket and could buy what you want at the price you want because you wouldn’t need their financing. Financing is evil. There is never a good reason to finance anything. You give away your power and dignity when you finance stuff you don’t need.

Honestly, I have to get back to watching this guy build a cabin. His way of life is my way of life, if not physically then spiritually. I have learned that I don’t need the things in this world that most of you take for granted. That doesn’t make me superior to you; it just makes me more enlightened.



A Letter To Kids From An Honest Adult

screaming beard dude

I love kids and animals. I always have. I love creatures and people who are innocent, full of life and just want to life their lives the way they wish, without being controlled, manipulated, mistreated or abused. It is unfortunate that there are so many people in the world who have this weird obsession to control others and use people for their own purposes. There are a few things I don’t tolerate, willful ignorance, abusers and narcissists being three.

And guess what, neither should you. As someone who has reached middle age, that grand and glorious chapter in life, I can say with complete accuracy that most of you don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about. But let me enlighten you. Let me share with you the knowledge I have gained so you can avoid the devastation that can come into your life if you don’t know what to watch for.

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I am a product of divorced parents. I am also the father of kids who have suffered through their own parents getting divorced. Let me tell you something. This is never easy. There’s plenty of hurt and blame and all manner of horrible feelings that comes from divorce. Divorce is probably the biggest problem this country faces but it’s so normal these days that we just accept it. There are many problems I could talk about but the biggest one I want to touch on is the chaos that comes from a parent that creates a division in the family.

But isn’t the family already divided when people get divorced? Yes, but I’m talking about a different division, one that is oftentimes subtle but devastating. Keep in mind that parents are human beings, therefore flawed beyond measure. There are some parents who will lie to their kids in order to gain control of them, for their own needs and desires. There are parents out there who will portray themselves as victims in order to gain sympathy from the kids. They will wail and moan about how hard they have to work in order to provide for the family. They will malign and denigrate the other parent as being heartless, cold, unfeeling, uncaring, a deadbeat, etc. These people will lie to your face about how much they love you and just want you to be happy. They will scream and yell at you and call you all sorts of names when they get mad because of how ungrateful they say you are and how you don’t appreciate how hard they have to work in order to provide.

savage mom

Kids, listen to me. This is not normal behavior. If you live with a parent that acts this way, you are being manipulated and controlled. This behavior is a mental disorder. There is no cure for it and the only way you can deal with it is to remove yourself from the situation. You may love this parent more than anything and you will defend them at all costs but deep down inside you know something isn’t right. So what do you do? You make excuses. Mom has a lot of pressure on her. Dad has to work two jobs to make ends meet. She hits me because I’m a bad kid. He calls me names because he’s overworked. He never spends any time with me because he spends so much time making sure we have food and clothes. These people uses whatever means they can in order to maintain their control over their kids and anyone else that might be useful, whether it’s a list of beta friends, a new spouse, step children, etc.

This is absolutely nothing more than a way to maintain control over a child who hasn’t developed mentally or emotionally enough to recognize it. And I’ll be honest here, okay? I’m no doctor or behavior specialist. I’m just a man who has seen this time and time again. I know the patterns and I know the tactics they use. There is nothing you can do to “fix” them, no magic words or deeds that will change anything. All you can do is be aware of it and learn to think critically.

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Critical thinking is your biggest weapon against the abusive parent. And yes, this is abuse. Make no mistake about it. But learning to think for yourself is the biggest favor you can do yourself. Do not just take somebody’s word for something if you don’t know it to be a fact. And a fact isn’t what your mother or father tells you is fact. Like I said, these people will lie to you as easily as taking a breath. You have to search for answers and you have to understand that just because this parent you’re living with tells you something is true doesn’t mean that it really is.

If you weren’t there and heard it with your own ears or saw it with your own eyes then do not make the assumption that you know what really happened. A parent who suffers from personality disorders can make you believe everything they say because in their deepest part of themselves, they are tortured souls who hate who they are, are insecure and jealous and mask it by being loud, obnoxious, critical, strict, stern and mean. You may have heard your mom or dad say something like, “I’m your parent and I demand respect.” Let me tell you this; respect is earned, not demanded. If you have a mother or father who demands respect then you are dealing with an out of control person who doesn’t even respect himself or herself. This is one hundred percent true and I know what I’m talking about because I have seen this in my own life.

It isn’t your fault your parents didn’t stay together. I know it hurts and it sucks and it isn’t fair. I went through these exact same feelings a long time ago. But you will grow from it and you can become a successful, productive person if you learn to think for yourself and not blindly follow these abusive vampires masquerading as people who “only want the best for you,” or some other such statement. What they really want is what’s best for them, not you. These emotional vampires cannot stand to be alone because then they are forced to face their fears and hatreds. If they keep people around them constantly, mostly subordinates, then they can take their frustrations out on you and any other siblings or step parents who live with them. They will say how much they love you, and they do. However, it is a selfish love, the same as one loves a car or a painting or a favorite dress, cat or dog. These people are incapable of real love. It is surface level at best and it is easy to see once you put on your critical thinking cap and study it.

This is the heart of truth and learning. Be your own person and never let any adult gain control of your heart and mind. If you do, you will become a slave. If you learn to be your own person and think critically, you will always be true to yourself, which leads to a lifetime of success, not failure.

Chose that path. It will not fail you.